Deep Automation for Exhibitions of Visual Arts

Highly productive Visual Arts Exhibition System ( VAES )

It is challenging to get high income from visual arts exhibitions. The income of galleries is very dependent on sales royalties from painting, drawing and statue sales. The amount of income from
entrance tickets has been quite limited.

I have a solution to this challenge. It requires initial system investments, but has a real and realistic potential to pay back the investment within a reasonable time from potentially vastly increased entrance ticket sales. The key point is to maximise the interest of individual art lovers to be able to come and see the artwork that are of high personal interest.

The operator of the painting and/or drawing exhibition benefits from VAES maximally when there is a stock of artwork present so large that the vertical canvas area of the stock is several times larger than of the walls available at the exhibition halls. This means a smaller part of the total floor area can be a storage, and the majority of the floor area beneficially belongs to the exhibition.

The VAES has a status of proprietary information. No patent application has been filed so far. There is some development work left to be performed by the new owner. More calculations, refining the concept design, engineering design, and building the first prototype are needed. I believe that the concept is new.

The concept description and decision support are available after a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement ( NDA ). However, I am giving no guarantees that the concept does not violate intellectual property rights of a third party. After the release of the proprietary information, the buyer candidate should do his or her own analysis of the concept.