Rossi Scientific

Markku J. Rossi graduated from Aalto University, Finland, in 1987.

Since leaving his post at a university in 2021, he is now prepared to sell system solutions. These solutions are in the form of Proprietary Information. He owns the Proprietary Information. The solutions have been filed as university internal innovation reports, and their ownership is now with Mr. Rossi. The solutions have not been filed as patent applications. For the cybersecurity system there is a good reason for this. A patent application would become public and reveal the structure of the new system. Now the structure is secret and is of the sought-for type "Black Swan".

In these web pages the underlying problems needing a solution are described. Some benefits of the solutions compared to the state of the art are also presented. The functional principles of the new solutions are however not presented on these pages.

The Process

If You are interested in a solution presented, please first contact Mr. Rossi by email.

He then studies Your organisation. If he founds it having development resources, marketing power and an industrial fit, he proposes an Non-Disclosure Agreement ( NDA ) text. A mutually acceptable NDA is generated next. A person having the right to sign for an organisation signs the NDA. Now a meeting could be arranged, with the evaluating engineers meeting Mr. Rossi. For some solution descriptions , Mr. Rossi can send a paper description in paper mail. For the cybersecurity solution, a physical meeting is recommended. If the evaluating organisation wants to buy the Rights, we will try to negotiate a price.