A new device solution is needed. My ”black swan” device architecture Andihce is such a revolutionally different device solution. Several cyber security experts have studied Andihce under a Non-Disclosure Agreement ( NDA ) and said Andihce is new, and it works.

My statement is that Your cybersec experts would notice the same and that Andihce is remarkably
more robust against Quantum Computer derived attacks than encryptions using public keys.

I am also stating that the hardware cost of Andihce is lower than that of the encryption/decryption engines. I am also stating that the maintenance/update cost is lower than with present systems.

I do have a planned path of research and product development to progress from the present state ,
proprietary information, to a commercial product. The calendar time of the development cycle is limited and estimates of the needed resources are available under a signed NDA.

Andihce is proprietary information because there is no patent application or a patent existing related to it. So it is not an innovation in the strict sense. The strategy has been to keep the Andihce architecture secret. I own the rights to the proprietary information developed by me. The owner is a person, not a company. So, what about reverse engineering? The crackers could buy e.g. 10 pairs of Andihces, and reverse engineer its electronics. I am stating that the Andihce customers can still continue to operate securely even after a very costly hardware reverse engineering by hostile groups.

It is fully possible to arrange a public cracking competition with a remarkable success award
in dollars. The two addresses would be public, and the competitors try to send a wrong and operating command to the command device interfaced to the receiving Andihce. During the competition, the Andihce system changes the status of the digital device to be controlled, continuously three times an hour. No one will be able to penetrate the functionality and to win the competition, lasting e.g. four weeks. The DoS ( Denial of Service ) attacks are not allowed in the competition. The commercial system around Andihce could easily detect future DoS’s and do the standard anti-DoS protective operations.

To describe Andiche more, it is a system for sending commands, and for receiving status
information, like operation acknowledgements from the commanding device. Andihce is not for sending large amounts of free format digital data. Just commands.

The cost of the Andihce system is highly tolerable compared to the new reliability it brings.