OTHER SECTORS, SOLUTION NO. 1 : Removing frost and ice from power lines

It is challenging to remove frost and ice from all-metallic high voltage power lines. The crystallized water causes energy losses in the transfer of AC power. Under extreme conditions the weight of the icy lines can exceed the mechanical strength of the suspension system or other mechanics can face problems.

Reported state-of-the-art means to prevent icing include warming the line with electrical power. This of course consumes energy. Another known means is a photoelectric coating that captures warming energy from sunlight. There can be challenges in cost and durability.

My proposal does not have any energy consuming electrical connections to the high voltage line, and coatings are not needed.

The FrostMaster has a status of proprietary information. No patent application has been filed so far. There is some development work left to be performed by the new owner. More calculations, refining
the concept design, engineering design, and building the first prototype are needed. I believe that the concept is potentially new.

The concept description and decision support are available after a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement ( NDA ). However, I am giving no guarantees that the concept does not violate intellectual property rights of a third party. After the release of the proprietary information, the buyer candidate should do his or her own analysis of the concept.

OTHER SECTORS, SOLUTION NO. 2 : Enhancing the TV viewing experience

OTHER SECTORS, SOLUTION NO. 3 : Enabling the feasible production of artistic furniture

OTHER SECTORS, SOLUTION NO. 4 : Protecting communities against suddenly polluted drinking water

OTHER SECTORS, SOLUTION NO. 5 : Automatic cooling of subarctic apartments during the summer without A/C coolers

OTHER SECTORS, SOLUTION NO. 6 : Automated system for using bioenergy from the own yard to warm houses during the winter .

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